Which 100 Books?

Several months ago I decided to sample the best science fiction out there. Who I am and why I decided to do this, I’ll get to. For now, just know that I found a list and started to read. What an adventure it turned out to be!

I soon realized that others might enjoy sharing this project with me. Hence this website, and the soon-to-be-posted Youtube video reviews of each book.

First, though, I needed to know that the list I was using was indeed the best 100 science fiction novels. I discovered that there’s not much agreement as to which books are the best 100. Using various lists, I compiled┬áthe names of 335 books someone or the other thought were worthy. I’ve chosen 100 based on how many lists the books appeared on and where they appeared on two particular lists. I’ll share my sources in the future. In fact I’ll share the names of all 335 books.

In the meantime, I’d appreciate your help in making sure I read the best.